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A Call to Arms!

2007-08-17 — It's ... it's almost as if something is happening!!!

Contrary to what Reichu's bad habits may have led you to believe, our hopes are at long last taking true form. That is to say, the site's rebirth is really happening, right now.

Although it's not very pretty. And we need help.

The scope of the project has also changed somewhat -- the commentary will return, but there will be other stuff, as well. If you are interested in providing countless hours of free geek-labor, several positions are open for the taking.

BTW, if submitting comments for various episodes via forum posts is the only thing that you would do, in terms of "helping", you'll still be waiting a while. We'll need commentators eventually, but we need hard-working slaves first. — Reichu

It's not dead! It's pining for the fjords!

2007-04-09 — Oh, yes, I'm still here. In fact, believe it or not, there is some behind-the-scenes work happening with the hopes of getting this little project's groove back on. But don't expect instant magic or anything. Nothing happens fast when I'm involved.

I know there are people out there who want to help out, but, when it is time to expand basal operations, we'll start ringing a bell. A very big, loud one, with any luck. Meantime, stay interested in this wonderful, batshit-crazy show -- such enduring loyalty is part of any fan-geek's duty. (To exemplify: In a matter of months, I'll be on my 7th year of NGE. Good grief.)

Sorry I haven't, like, updated the site in centuries. No until the "Resurrection", probably. (You'll see. Maybe. Someday.)

BTW, here. Have some revised Platinum transcripts. — Reichu

Bing bang diggiriggidong

2006-08-22 — First off, I've been getting e-mails from folks interested in joining the Commentary Project. I don't want to burst your bubbles or anything, but at the moment there isn't anything to join. The project's been down for at least two years now, but we'll be happy to have you once the doors swing open again. Hopefully the status quo will change soon: I'm currently working on the layout for that VERY long-delayed forum. Watch this space.

The NGE2 Classified Information translation was completed, as planned, back at the end of June. You haven't heard anything about it here because that was just my first draft, and it's the second that will be humbly hosted here. There is still a bit of cleanup that needs to be done, mostly in the first half of the document, and random laborious prep work to do. Still, meantime, anyone willing to slog through the thread at ANF can compile my initial translation (which was posted in pieces) and use it for their own evil purposes. To save everyone the trouble, sheaman @ ANF posted his own little text file. I'll offer up a slightly modded version here, as well. Snag it!

Also with regards to snagging, my compadre Dr. Nick has been toiling away at making transcripts of the various NGE subtitles out there. (Even the crappy fansubs. I mean, some of them are so funny, how could they be left on the wayside?) There is a lot done so far, including all of Platinum. How swell is that? I'm not sure if permanent links will be made in Omake or not, but I'll at least provide two of the items on the platter to those reading this: Platinum (FOR GREAT JUSTICE!) and movie fansubs (for lawls).

Finally, minor updates. The supplemental images page was updated, again, most notably with a whole batch of new anigifs. Also, I added ReBirth to Omake.

Onto Otakon.

Aaron (the other Clark, a.k.a. Eva Monkey) and I had our Eva panel at Otakon '06 (on Saturday, August the 5th) as scheduled. I've been on two previous panels with him, one at Anime Central (wherein I also had the pleasure of meeting Carl Horn) and also Otakon '05. Q'n'A sessions seem to be typical fare for Eva panels, as fans are always overflowing with questions, but I suppose this has the potential of getting rather old, since you hear the SAME GODDAM QUESTIONS over and over again. This year, we wanted to try something different. Aaron had suggested that I tap into my 'steel-trap retention for details' brain (which is apparently a good thing) and talk about something for my part of the panel. Subject matter was my choice.

Of course, I procrastinated on it far too long, and, near the End of All Things, I settled on Pointless Religious Symbolism™ (since that's always fun), with an emphasis on establishing its context in the story, starting with Seele and their batshit crazy religion and working up from there. I was rather anxiously working up to the last minute throwing crap into Powerpoint (which I had never used before >_<;), and I didn't have enough time to really refine things, or even practice. Incidentally, what I had produced filled up my time slot, like, exactly, but it just sort of ended; there was no wrap-up or anything, which bothered me. I also freaked out a couple of times while delivering because I couldn't remember what I was supposed to be talking about. Blurgh.

This time, we got the biggest panel room -- like, the freakin' INDUSTRY panel room. A bloody auditorium. Much bigger that what we needed, really, and I felt more uneasy in there than I had in the more intimate panel rooms of past. For our dreaded timeslot of 11 AM, a decent number of people showed up. Christina (Aaron's better half) counted approximately 150 heads towards the end. I guess we can feel good about that; my sibs have relayed stories to me of panels that were literally booed into cancellation. Not many folks stuck around after the panel to chat, though, which made me a Sad Reichu. (Wonder if it's cuz I myself vanished briefly into the WC?) I had a pleasant talk with a Gendo about Kabbalah -- which I had only mentioned in passing during the panel due to its inherent incomprehensibility ;;> -- and suchlike; he also applauded me for drawing attention to the line where Kaworu calls Adam "mother", which is something he hadn't been able to do with his acquaintances.

After spending Friday locked up in my hotel room with a laptop, and the rest of Saturday (after lunch) hibernating, I'd pretty much wasted the con itself. I made sure to at least sweep the Dealer's Room on Sunday morning. Picked up some random NGE swag -- a couple of books, the first issue of Chronicle, and a selection from The Card Game (From the Movies) -- and a few T-shirts to compensate for a disintegrating wardrobe.

2007? I'm game. — Reichu

The best way of dealing with the insane...

2006-06-02 — to actually put updates online instead of letting them sit on your hard drive. Don't worry, it doesn't make sense to me, either.

Revised the usual page (the one with the list of images), along with doing some horrifically-needed work on the Geektionary (minus the "gender" section, which is like yet more dirt under my psychic fingernails), plus adding a base round of omake content. I have more stuff I need to put online, but this will suffice for today. — Reichu

Torrent: Get it while it's hot

2006-05-06 — I've started up a torrent for Collector's Discs 1~6 using the tracker at (BTW, don't click that second link if you have prudish inclinations. Trust me on this.) It's a RAR approximately 552 MB in size containing the images and sounds off the discs, and they're really sweet, so get this while it's hot. I may be including stuff off the discs as omake content on the site, but, still. Here's your chance to have it all. (Mostly.) Fufufu.

Made some of the typical updates to the Supplemental Images page. More images added, and the captioned/doctored images have been moved to Random Idiocy in Omake (with short writeups on mine, mostly because I could). I have a couple of other little updates in mind for the very near future so that I can finish slogging my lazy arse through NGE2 with a slightly less guilty conscious, but I did want to get the news about the torrent posted right away. — Reichu

I can't make decisions on my own! I'm the president!

2006-03-19 — Yui Ha Mashiyach, it's the 19th of March already? Stick me with a giant red pitchfork and call me Lilith...

Mmkay, sorry about ignoring the site* (and especially ignoring this whole Commentary thing from which it originally derived its name!!), kids... The downright bizarre psychological state I entered for approximately two months, starting around Xmas 2005 and "alluded to" in my last entry, seemed to have played a part in the intense deluge of new ideas regarding the show. (Far more than I've been able to yet dispense, anyway.) In a lot of ways, though, it was totally not cool. Even though the fact that a new neurological problem existed was identified and tackled a couple of weeks in, it took those two months to get results, and for me to figure out the entirety of just what the hell was going on. Unfortunately, the effects that afflicted me during this time got out publicly, and everybody got to see a version of Reichu who was... somewhat sub-optimal. Ugh.

But, very fortunately, I feel considerably more like myself these days. Unfortunately for FGC, this fact also means "getting my shit together" in Real Life, which also means less time for geek stuff. Awwwww. ::<

Why the heck do I talk about my psychological woes on the updates page? I dunno. Probably because I badly need a personal homepage again. ::P I suspect it's not terribly appropriate, but I figured this one at least was worth doing a "wrap up" on, since this particular outbreak managed to produce some rather calamitous results on a public "Evangelion" forum. "How embarassing."

Right now, my current project is completing a refined translation of the "Classified Information" from Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 (you know, that PS2 game), as I recently managed to find a transcript in the original Japanese, and this is a rather important set of hints and tidbits about the show. You can keep track of the progress over here. Once I've gotten halfway through, I plan on creating some kind of poll and letting people vote: "What the hell should Reichu do next...?" Since, you know... well, look at the subject header. :wink: (I say "halfway" because I actually want, you know, a decent number of votes by the time I finish with NGE2.)

Additionally, I've created a torrent for the FULL OP video. This is very cool, so you should check it out if you've never seen it. Take a lookie over here and nab it while you have the chance, since, at the moment, I have no idea how long this will be seeded.

BTW, Soluzar is definitely out as far as the FGC forum is concerned, but I have a few people I can buzz whenever the time comes to get it finished.

* But if you're very attentive, you might notice preliminary CPs popping up every so often and random tweakage occurring that I don't bother mentioning in update posts. ;;> — Reichu


2006-01-12 — Ahhh, another hum-drum New Year's. I dunno. After two decades, it's become little more than a number to me. But the egg nog is nice. ::D

The forum is still not up. I've been nagging Soluzar, who insisted that he could finish after all. If you can, please nag him, as well. The first half of episode #05, at least, is ready for people, so what the heck is that guy waiting for? ARGH.

Speaking of forums, I recently broke out of my hiatus from ANF, amazingly enough. (Still haven't wandered back onto EMF, though.) I came down with a mild (but still unpleasant) sinus infection during the holidays (which I already mentioned, I think) and was able to get very little sleep, and, during the final stages of the illness, I was afflicted with something even better: My first real manic attack. A high. I was lucky if I got two hours of sleep per day, on the average, but it didn't bother me. I was full of spunk and my brain wouldn't shut up, ever. I was literally attacked by the "Muses"; I was writing and drawing at a frenetic pace. The only reason I mention this is because a lot of the writing was about — yeah, you guessed it — NGE.

It's no secret that there are MANY things in this show that have boggled its fans (at least in the English-speaking community; I can't speak for the others) ever since it was first released. And Anno has made it clear that he isn't going to tell us everything. Many people moaned and bitched about "all the secrets" revealed in NGE2. Pfft! Those are practically NOTHING (even though they felt like a lot at the time). In any case, being the enormous geek that I am, I have been captivated by NGE since Summer 2000 and studied it with ludicrous tenacity between then and now.* And sometime during that timeframe, I broke onto the forum scene and began to contribute my unique brand of madness to the community. But, ohhh, if you thought it was madness before, that was nothing compared to my brief (over a week) lapse into mania.

Although the crash I experienced afterwards was remarkably unpleasant, the fruits of that insanity are still coming. To get to the point, I had what felt, at the time, like "revelations", as though something were being channeled into me from somewhere else. Very weird feeling. Parts of the show that had never made sense before were acquiring some kind of weird focus. Even if I didn't understand completely, I was set on the right road. It was a very exciting time, and I basically made posts like a mad woman, wherein I sometimes sounded like I was "high on something". ;;D

If you would like to check it all out yourself, there are, firstly, my "revelations" threads, which tend to go all over the bloody place:

  • Yui & Kyoko: Hard to describe. Just read it yourself.
  • Rei, Kaworu, and Everything in Between: Intended to fully explore the parallelism between R&K on various level (R/K, Lilith/Adam, FoK/FoL) but, because it yielded more immediate gratification, I splurged my "latest and greatest" thoughts on just WTF that dratted Spear of Longinus really is (since it was, in fact, actually on-topic) first. Yui-sama also ends up in here a lot, since she's connected to both Lilith and Adam.
  • Metaphysical Biology: A versatile concept that has been in the show all along, quietly intended as a way to "justify" its "pseudoscience", and been blatantly glossed over by pretty much everybody. This is a rather shaky start at exploring the concepts for the first time. Hopefully the full extent of its presence in the show, and what it all means, will be worked in the future, since I think it will yield some interesting stuff. Fuyutsuki-sensei didn't have a profession as weird as MPB for absolutely no reason.
  • The First Humans, Angels, and the Dead Sea Scrolls: A general discussion on this most fascinating aspect of the backstory, taking into account certain awesome new findings of mine, like what "Human" and "Angel" really mean and just who the hell did write those pesky SDSS.

I also hijacked an old thread of Magami's — mostly by accident — that she created asking about the details of 2I and that general era, for the purpose of writing and illustrating a fanfic about it. It was a fun thread, where some of my typically "crazy" Reichu theories first came out Once I bumped it again, I started making some we-ird connections — including some I may have made before, but hadn't taken completely seriously at the time — like a Katsuragi-Keel-Kaworu Komplex (very speculative, but still IMO fascinating), along with some steps forward on the understanding on Second Impact and the genesis of Adam's offspring.

Suffice to say, all this has been occupying the bulk of my ridiculously abundant free time. (I may as well enjoy it while it's still there.) FGC itself has not been expanding much between last update and now, but I think that's alright, since all of the progress I feel I'm making right now will be SOOOOO worth it later! But, at least, I did finally update that ED page, and there are some new "preliminaries" (I'm not calling them "temps" anymore), as well. And other things I uploaded and promptly forgot about. — Reichu

* And I refuse to feel ashamed. Hell. If people can devote their lives to old books like the Bible, what's a few years — or however long it takes — to a work of film that carries significant personal meaning for me?

“You're a dancin' machine!”

2005-12-19 — The pattern of "totally random quotations for subject headers" continues.

Well, been minimally ill for the past week. Once the "running rivers of green ooze" phase subsided, the primary symptom became lightheadedness/disorientation. Not the best conditions to be working on FGC under, but I've got some announcements regardless:

All lost comments have been added, with the exception of some rather well-buried ones that I'm putting off for a future archaeological expedition. The OP pages have been cleaned up. (ED is still on the queue.) As far as I'm aware (in my current delirious state), all pages have been converted to the new scheme. Also, a new — and much-needed — appendix materialized today, which I have (oh-so-cleverly :snicker:) dubbed the Recyclopedia. Guess what that's about.

There may be other revisions and new content that I've neglected to mention — oh, well. The forum situation is still in that "idly drumming fingers on desk" kind of place, so watch this space for further developments. I'm going to continue poking away at the various items that need tending to before episode #05 can (or should, anyway) launch: primarily, a complete rehaul of the introductory stuff, along with various "basic" supplemental pages. You'll see what I mean. — Reichu

“Can I play with madness?”

2005-12-02— Well, I'm home, I'm trying to get a job that isn't bottom-rung, and I'm waiting on some nifty federal service that is supposed to help me out with that — so, nothing better to do, really (aside from a dozen other things I could be preoccupying myself with), than continue to drag myself through that enormous list of FGC-related things on the queue. Much conspiring occurs behind the scenes, but here's some stuff that everyone can see:

Lost comments have been added up through #03, and Mr. TInes — wonderful slave helper that he is ;;> — will be upgrading the pages to the snazzy (and perhaps tiresomely blue*) new look. The Geektionary has been expanded further. The site has a new Supplemental section: OMAKE, which is Japanese for “cool extra stuff that you will happily shell out ten times as much money for”, although the usage I employ here is “random extra crap that doesn't fit anywhere else”. Two features have already been added: My Girlfriend of Steel 2 FAQ and the appendix of Die Sterne (translated into English by me, with the Japanese included for fun).

BTW, we're looking for another slave helper (there I go again) who is very proficient (or at least functionally capable) in php-bb — and honorable, trustworthy, dedicated, and, most importantly, tolerant of naked Evas. Soluzar has put a lot of work into the forum, but it would probably be best for everyone to bring in somebody new and relieve him of the burden. So spread the word. Let your friends know. And may Santa Barb bring gifts to you all.

That's all for now… — Reichu

* The main reason for this is optical friendliness: I need a page that I can tolerate staring at for long periods at a time. I've had a good history with this particular shade of blue, and, as the adage goes, “if it ain't broke, don't fix it”.

“And so, the healing…”

2005-11-24— “…will finally begin.” In other words, I've finally (for the moment, anyway) broken out of my extended hiatus. Nothing to get the juices flowin' again like actually, you know, working on my long-neglected baby. (Now if only the artistic urges would kick in, too.) Lost comments for episode #01 have been added, and there is now a page devoted entirely to supplemental images used (or to be used) throughout the site. Reorganization of the image directories continues (trust me, they needed it), which means broken links will be about until I revisit all of the individual pages and correct them. Patience is a virtue when dealing with this site. Tee hee.

On an aside, here's my deepest thanks to the various folks who have continued to put faith (and work!) into the project in spite of everything — you know who you are! — Reichu

Renewal is here!

2005-10-23— The new look for the commentary pages starts to roll out. There has been a bit of rationalisation behind the scenes, and the pages are now done in hardcore web-standards code. The redesign is targeted at modern browsers (Firefox, Safari, Opera), plus also IE6 and above, but should still be somewhat usable, albeit fairly plain in appearance, in older browsers

There may be broken links. Please let me know. I may have to get images from Reichu; but in-site links should be fixable quiet easily. If third-party references have gone down, we'll have to look for alternatives, usually the Wayback Machine at — Mr. Tines.


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