Episode #23′ (Video & LD Version): “Mysteries of the Reiquarium”

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This is a holding page for when we eventually get to #23 and compare & contrast the Renewal NPC version with subsequent editions. The images from this particular scene were added to the NPC version released to video & LD, only to be removed for the Renewal!! If anything, they should have made the images easier to see, not banished them to a prior incarnation of the series. Some of them make Rei-less cameos in the FULL OP, but, still, not much compensation in the grand scheme. We haven't quite cracked all of these yet, but, of the ones not in the FULL OP, #23 and #30 are among the more interesting (IMO).

Screenshot Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary/Related Images
317-01 Ritsuko “The things here are dummies. And nothing more than parts for Rei. Reichu: Mysterioso expositional speech from Ritsuko accompanied by mysterioso imagery. While Ritsuko's babbling just might make perfect sense after all -- once you figure out the "cipher" -- I'll just be doing that usual: making notes on the Japanese dialogue. And a few on the imagery. There are some places where I want to tweak the translation, but that will have to wait until I get divine inspiration on how to phrase things. ;;>
317-02 Humanity found a god and, in their joy, tried to make her theirs. And so they were punished.

Reichu: Since Ritsuko has nothing to lose here, I figured I would pull out the feminine pronoun for ol' Adam. You're going to find our that she's a mother in the next episode anyway. If you don't like it... uh, file a complaint to Anno, or Seele, something. I take no responsibility for NGE's gratuitous unisexualization of the name "Adam".

("Hito wa kami-sama o hirotta node yorokonde te ni ireyou to shita. Dakara bachi ga attata.") This translation is sort of "poeticized"... On a literal level, it's something like, "Being that people found (a) god [kami-sama], they were delighted and they tried to take (the god) in hand.* Thus, punishment was dealt." Eeewww.

The "punishment" here is bachi, which can also mean "retribution", "reckoning", all that jive. It's also associated with the concept of "divine punishment/retribution" -- so, like, kami no bachi would be "scourge of God". I'm guessing the implications are that we're getting another "gratuitous religious reference" (but, in-show, we can blame Seele), and, hence, Adam was the "God" dealing the divine wrath. Okay, I guess that is blatantly obvious, but it makes me wonder...

The image is of Adam being exhumated inside the White Moon. And there are two tines sticking out of her back. Remind you of anything...? Gee, now how could that have gotten there? (You tell me.)

* Aside from Rei's monologue in #14, this is the only time (AFAIK) a -sama is ever appended to kami in NGE. I should also note that the "take in hand" part is the phrase te ni ireru, very idiomic Japanese.

317-04 That was fifteen years ago. The god they had gone to such lengths to find also vanished completely.
317-08 But then they tried to revive the god on their own.

317-13 That god was Adam. And, from Adam, humans were created in her image. Those were the Evas.”

Reichu: Lilith face closeup, upside-down. As if you needed me to tell you that.


Reichu: ("Sore ga Adam. Soshite Adam kara kami-sama ni nisete ningen o tsukutta. Sore ga Eva.") Ritsuko merely says, "That was Adam", but I believe the connotations are, "Oh yeah, and, BTW, that aforementioned, nameless kami-sama I was just talking about was Adam. You know. That Adam." I just figured, since "this" (kore) and "that" (sore) can be a little abstruse at times, I might clear that up in the "English adaptation".

The second sentence is more literally, "And, from Adam, humans were created imitating / copying the god". But that translation sounds lamer than usual.

The image here is of EVA-01 connected to Lilith, with cloths covering the face and most of the chest of the former (for some reason), and no apparent legs on either one, but this stretch of wrinkly white stuff joining them hip-to-hip instead. "WTF?!?" Some things to notice: (A) a lot of Lilith is missing, (B) the places associated with missing biomass are dark and "wilted", or atrophied, (C) Sho is coming out of Lilith's bottom (or what's left of it, anyway), and (D) the "stretch" looks like it could feasibly contain fully-developed legs, just ones enveloped by Lilith's marshmallow-flesh, like a kind of bizarre cocoon. Restore Lilith's missing body parts and retrovert EVA-01 into an earlier stage of development, and that offers one possibility for what's going on here.

And speaking of "here", this isn't the only time you see this particular location.

317-16 Shinji “People? They're humans?”

Reichu: EVA-01 from the previous image, at a funky angle. If you can't make it out... uh, "Too bad!"

317-17 Ritsuko “Yes, they're human.

Reichu: Image of Seele's Dead Sea Scrolls, from the OP.


The Evas do not intrinsically have souls, but human souls reside within them.

317-20 Reichu: ("Honrai tamashii no nai Eva ni wa, hito no tamashii ga yadorasete aru mono.") Actually, it's technically saying (AFAIK) that the souls were made or forced to reside (dwell, inhabit, etc.) within the Evas. Causative verb, and all. If I can think of a way to make the nuance sound good in English...
317-22 They were all salvaged.

Reichu: Very important image.

There's a dude on the right (you can see the outline of his face fairly distinctly) looking at this large, open tome depicting rows of embryonic entities in various phases of development. There are a couple of possibilities for what they imply. But the tome itself is, one would imagine, another depiction of Seele's Dead Sea Scrolls (see also image #18) -- conveniently, with a Lilim individual to show us their scale...

317-25 The only vessel that contained a soul was Rei.

Reichu: Apparently a pre-2I group shot of (from left-to-right) Seele-US, Seele-France, and Seele-UK.

317-28 She was the only one born with a soul.

Photo closeup



Reichu: EXTREMELY important image, IMHO, that's worth drawing some attention to ahead of time. The Reiquarium Edition™ of the Second Impact report Fuyutsuki is scoping out in #21...

...has the Giant of Light photo swapped out for ... something else. What could this other photo feasibly be depicting that is of relevance to Second Impact? It seems to me that, difficult as the background Rei-tachi might make matters, it is showing two connected objects floating atop a liquid medium: a smaller, roughly spherical item (with a smaller sphere within?), and an ovular, speckled form with a wave washing over it from the right. (Here is a crappy image that gives you an idea of what I mean.)

Misato tells us that Adam was reduced to an egg (tamago) as a result of Second Impact. Tabris (= Kaworu) was also born on this day -- and he himself says "of Adam", his "mother". The "Red Cross Book" also threw a rather blatant free hint our way, and one people haven't taken very seriously: "Was he, perhaps, an Angel who was captured by Seele as an egg?" (It says "tamago no joutai", literally "egg condition/state". Bochan_bird translated tamago (no joutai) as "embryonic state" in both EoE and the EoE theatrical booklet, but I'm uncertain as to why.)

And this photo may be depicting exactly those two things: (A) the egg that Adam was "reduced to", little more than an ovum, and subsequently restored into our favorite bug-eyed embryo (Sample A-01), and (B) the mandorla, or egg case, containing the Lilim-shaped Tabris, from which he'll later hatch.

317-31 The Chamber of Guf had been emptied.
317-32 The Rei-like things here have no souls.

Reichu: Yui in her "divesuit". (That's right. It's not called a "plugsuit".) Notice the little "wings".

317-35 They're just vessels.”

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