Episode #26′, Scene 8: Come, Sweet Death (Part 2)

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Like much else, requested by good ol' Shin-seiki. The comments I have jotted down are aimed at him, but they might stick around when we reach this episode — who knows…

Screenshot Cut # Description/Lyrics Commentary
318 The right arm of an SSDF member lies in blood.
The blood changes into LCL.
Rei's feet come IN.

319 A corridor. The corpses strewn about have all become LCL.
Rei stands, looking down.
(Her face isn't shown.)

Rei Voices “The world is overflowing with sorrow.”
320 Terminal Dogma. Ritsuko's lab coat, skirt, and stockings float in the LCL.
Rei Voices “People are being enveloped by emptiness.”
321 In a corridor (a different one), beyond Rei's legs Misato is already turned to LCL.
(Her right arm has been torn off.)
Rei Voices “The hearts of people are being buried in loneliness, aren't they?”

[Collector's Disc]

322 Hyuga has scooted back and leans against his seat. On his face is a mixture of fear and joy.
Hyuga “Aaahhhhhhhhh!” (until C-324)
Reichu: “Fear and joy”? How interesting… And this is before Rei turns into Misato, too!
323 Atop the console, Rei is on her hands and feet, looking at the camera.
Rei “(laughter)”
324 Rei's hands enter the frame, seeming to wrap around his smile of ecstacy.
325 Rei has become Misato and rapidly draws near with a gentle smile…
Misato “(laughter)”
326 Misato throws herself into the recoiling Hyuga's arms.
The back of the chair is pushed down completely by the weight.
Hyuga's hands remain as they were from the embrace.
The moment Hyuga holds Misato, he becomes LCL and pops.

(His clothes remain.)
Reichu: I take it that "hold" is referring to It's not apparent in either storyboard or final product that Hyuga even touches Misato, despite what the script says… In the actual movie, we see his left hand nearly touch her right shoulder, but he (from what I can tell) pops right before it would have contacted…
327 Aoba has crawled under his console to escape from Rei.
He is terrified without reprieve. Countless Rei draw near.
Trembling, Aoba shrieks.

Aoba “Hiiiiiiyaaaaa!”
When Rei touches him, he turns into LCL.
Reichu: The script actually leaves out the detail of Rei touching him, but it's there in the storyboards regardless. (And, no, not “hiiiiya” like the thing cartoon characters pretending to be ninja say.)
328 Bird's-eye view of Fuyutsuki, filled with joy.
Fuyutsuki “Ikari, did you…
329 (back) …see Yui, too?”
Rei floats above Fuyutsuki like an angel.
The color of her hair changes to Yui's and her outfit becomes a lab coat.
Fuyutsuki transforms into LCL the moment she touches him.

SE <<SPLASH>> (bleed)
Reichu: “See” as in “meet with”.
330 Ritsuko's smashed coffee mug lies in the LCL that floods the floor.
331 Ibuki sits on the floor, facing her computer terminal's note PC.
She can do nothing but cry to the sounds
(splash! splash!) of people bursting apart around her.
Ibuki “A.T. Fields… Everyone's A.T. Fields are disappearing…”
332 Note PC closeup. Try as she might to type, she cannot because her hands are shaking.
Ibuki (OFF) “Is this the answer? What I've been seeking…?”
Suddenly, Ritsuko's pale hands come IN.
Reichu: What has she been seeking…?
333 Seeming to have her arms around Ibuki from behind, Ritsuko's arms extend towards the keyboard.
Ibuki gasps in surprise.

Ibuki “!!”
334 Taking Ibuki's place at the keys, Ritsuko nimbly types in “I NEED YOU”.  

[Collector's Disc]
335 Ibuki timidly turns around.
There she finds the sempai she has been yearning for.
With an insincere smile, Ritsuko embraces Ibuki's face, which immediately surges with emotion.

Maya “Sempai!
Reichu: The script here is especially illuminating…
336 Ritsuko embraces Ibuki and draws her body close.
Ritsuko “Maya…”
Ibuki is surprised and bewildered; her foot knocks the note PC away.
She hugs Ritsuko back excessively in happiness (an emotional cling).

Reichu: This cut is slightly different in the storyboards. Originally, she kicks away the PC “on a whim” after she hugs Ritsuko, whereas, here, it seems to just happen inadvertently when Maya is taken by surprise.

And, Shin-seiki, you're right about that knee! It's a lot more obvious what's going on in the actual movie; screenshots can't do it justice.

337 Ibuki, full of happiness.
Her face fills with delight.
Ibuki “(being filled with ecstacy) Ah!”
338 The LCL that was Ibuki splashes onto the PC display (UP).
Reichu: The dismembered hand wasn't in the original storyboards. Chock it up to Anno to get more hand closeups in there!
339 A Seele monolith fades out with a popping sound.
SE <<Giggling Rei voices>>
340 One by one, the array of monoliths disappear with watery sounds, leaving Keel behind.
Keel (behind) “The beginning and the end are in the same place.”

[Collector's Disc]
341 Keel looks up with a contented smile.
Keel (ON) “—— Good. With this, all is right.”
Leaving behind his visor, clothes, etc., Keel turns to LCL in an instant.
A particle of red light rises up in turn.
Reichu: "Particle of red light" = "soul". In case you didn't already know.

[Collector's Disc]
342 The remnants of Keel. LCL seeps out of the clothes that have fallen onto the floor.
From the spinal cord down, his remains are mechanized.

SE <<Giggling Rei voices>>
Reichu:What happened to his chair and desk?
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