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Supplemental Images

FGC is not an image gallery and makes no pretensions of being such. Like it says, these images are (or will be) used to supplement the site's written content, primarily for illustrative purposes. Well... that, and to have a bit of fun. When known, artists will be indicated with { } and sources with [ ]. ("Source" generally means "publication scanned from or website pilfered from".) Other notes will be in parentheses. If you can provide artist and source info for those pics missing them, please give me a buzz.

Production Illustrations

Scanned from Newtype 100% Collection unless otherwise noted.


Key frame animation (genga) and stuff of that ilk. You know -- the pencil drawings from which the cels were ultimately derived. All from one of the five Groundwork of Evangelion books.

Other Official Illustrations

"Official" = "sanctioned by Gainax".

Manga Scans

Scanned from Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's NGE manga.


Other stuff by NGE staff; video/PC game captures.


Most enlarged screenshots are available through the existing commentary pages (regular and prelim). Here is a listing of those which are on the site but currently absent from any CP. Reichu-original composite screenshots and animated gifs, including those available through CP, will also be listed.


These are all panning shots which I have composited together to the best of my ability. Some were simple, some were the result of considerable suffering, and some need to be redone badly. Full-sized, sans watermark versions are available upon request.

Animated GIFs

All made by me in ImageReady (unless they're by Ornette). Some involve a degree of manipulation (at times shameless, fufufu) or simplification -- i.e., do not attempt to just replicate the original film via GIF. One is a lie and is simply there as part of a series. One also needs to be redone badly.

Models & Merch

Fan Works

It should be noted that much of the stuff here is completely deprive of good taste. You have been warned.


Other Doujinshi

Captioned & Doctored

See Omake.

Other Parody

References in "Evangelion"

General Media

Religion / Occult

Other Tie-ins

References to "Evangelion"


  • #1: "Is Tokyo-3 Here?" (Production Drawing)
    Production drawings showing the general location of Tokyo-3. Not terribly detailed and difficult to read, but it's not a bad primer. It also shows the parts of this area that have been taken by the sea (as a result of 2I).
  • #2: Hakone Region
    For locales in Tokyo-3's immediate vicinity. This map was originally from a Japanese Evangelion database; it seems to be a guide to key tourist locations in the Hakone region, doctored to include the schematic of Tokyo-3 on the northern shore of Ashinoko (Lake Ashi). As it goes, Tokyo-3 is occupying a bit too little land area, but I suppose that's a quibble. (And correcting the problem is too difficult to be worthwhile.)
  • #3: Hakone-Izu Area
    The Hakone-Izu region, stolen off Yahoo! Japan Maps, highlighting key locales in this area.
  • #4: Greater Tokyo Area
    A butchered atlas page of the greater Tokyo area (which includes Hakone, a.k.a. Tokyo-3), with key locations indicated
  • #5: Japan
    What it says. Quite usefully, this one divides Japan into its respective prefectures.